4 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!”

  1. I have just discovered your website through the tutorials that have been posted on the FaceBook group Ukulele lessons and tutorials. what a wealth of knowledge!

    I would like to say thank you!

  2. Hi, as a beginner bass ukulele players I find your YouTube videos most helpful. I really like the riff you play and wondered if it was possible to have the tabs for it?
    Many thanks

  3. Rachel, I’m just stopping by to say thank you and hello. I’ve just done your videos 1, 2 and 3 covering bass ukulele and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Are there any more on the to-do list. I live in a rural area of Australia, originally from Aberdare, South Wales. Stay safe in these times.

    Regards, Julie

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Your YouTube videos are so well done! I teach music in french and would like to make arrangements of french songs in the same kind of play along. Could you tell me with what program you make your videos?
    Thanks from Canada!

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