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Ukulele In Education

How To Store Your Ukuleles

Okay, so you have got some ukuleles for your school but you now have to figure out how to store them. To make life easier in a school setting you need to be able to access your ukuleles quickly and easily but also keep them safe from damage.

How or where you store your ukes is going to be dependant on your school / class setup.

I spent quite a bit of time searching for ideas and inspiration, Pinterest was particularly helpful and Pitch Publications Ukuklele Storage has lots of fantastic ideas for storage.

My classroom has no available wall space (it is actually the school stage) so I needed a rack of some kind, ideally with wheels as I often have to clear my room for concerts. If you have one in your school, a trip to your design technology department or woodwork room may be very helpful. I was very lucky, I explained roughly what I needed and our fabulous tech teachers took over......................


Our first rack, was built using bits of wood lying around the woodwork room. I used foam pipe insulation and also added very small castor wheels to make it easier to move around. It could hold 17 soprano ukuleles, with or without their cases.


As our ukulele stock grew it became obvious that more storage would be needed. When our funding enabled us to buy many more ukes, I wanted to keep the general rack idea but go much larger, ideally storing up to 50 ukuleles. The design technology depart again stepped up their game and designed and made me a fantastic trolley with three layers to store the ukuleles, I keep 55 ukuleles on it. It will accomodate 36 concert ukuleles, 17 soprano ukes and a couple of banjoleles on the end hooks. Bigger castor wheels make it very sturdy but still easy to move around and a layer of foam tape means I can store the ukuleles without cases with no chance of damage.



I can now actually hand out a whole class of instruments in only a few minutes - pupils know though - do not touch my ukulele rack!!

We have two of these bigger racks in our music department now, one in each classroom and our original rack has been upgraded to hold our "better" and different sized ukuleles.



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